Have you seen this?  It’s a energy plan developed by T. Boone Pickens.  He’s a guy that’s been in the energy business for a very long time and knows what he’s talking about.  He’s also in the top 150 of the Forbes richest list.  And he’s financing a lot of the plan himself.  The basics of the plan consist of increasing wind power generation and beginning to use natural gas as an alternative to gasoline.  If implemented fully, he claims that the plan could replace 38% of the USA’s usage of oil.  According to his numbers that would save the country about 300B each year in imported oil.

As one might assume, Mr. Pickens does stand to gain if the plan is brought to fruition, but he’s also 80 and won’t enjoy it too long.  He owns a natural gas company and also is a major shareholder in a hedge fund group that has two hedge funds that invest heavily in energy.  None of that is any reason to really dislike the plan.  I’m all for something that helps reduce oil consumption.  I also live in that wind corridor that he’s talking about and think it would be a boon for just about all of our economies.

I’ve joined the as a supporter of the plan. Would you consider doing the same?

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