Darkness feels Alone

Yellow tones of the warm wheat
Red, red rays of the rising sun
Blue car passes leaving its bitter smog alone
Black bug tastes of Earth
While darkness feels alone.


Weak and Wimpering,
Sitting in the innermost corner.
Seeing only the dark and twisting conscience,
Weave it’s way back and forth.

Afraid of what the future has become,
What I have made it.
Where have I lead tomorrow,
Change is not what I have done.

Stagnant and Fermenting,
The future waits for me.
And still I sit,
Weak and Wimpering.


The Wall

I sit, my back to the wall
I dont know why I cant move
I am afraid, although I’m not sure why
Maybe I’m afraid of what I will do
Or what I have done
I cannot move
I just sit, huddled against the wall
Thankful of its support in my time of need
I cannot say what I should have done
Or should do
The darkness behind the wall is inpenetrable
It eats away at me
It erodes my soul
I know that I can stop it
But I dont move
I cannot move against it
It is what I have made it
It is strong
I know its weakness
I can overcome it
And yet the wall still holds my weight
The fear I feel
Is just my mind playing an evil game
A game I can win
It’s my turn
Bishop or Queen?
Which way do I move?
Where can I go?
I cant quit
I cant give up
But what do I do?
The wall is so steady
It holds me easily
I can see it beginning to crack
To let the darkness through
To eat
What can I do?
My options are clear
But clouded by my fear
I cannot stay here
I must make my move
But I can’t yet
It is not the time
I pray that the wall will withold a while longer
While I sit against it
And cry.



Still, simply
Haunted by ghosts
At last free
Never rechained
Extended, arms skyward.

Shane Ede 2000