The River

As I stand
I watch the crimson river
Flowing ever south
Towards what I do not know
I watch it flow
And I wonder
What have we done
Why have we made this river full
It was vanity and pride
A voice inside me screams
Why couldn’t we see it
Why couldn’t we stop it
We were blinded by it
And we made a river
Crimson red.



It blurs
My vision
Yet somehow
Things become clearer
Love evades me
I dont know why
I cant see
Why it avoids me
I dont ask much
Companionship a mere requirement
I am lost
Among the haves
A have not
Wandering in the maze
Of thought and feeling
Unable to see the path
Knowledge is lost
In me
Leaving only


The Beast

A Beast,
Dark and Mysterious
His Presence,
While not advertised
Is felt by all.

Few Acknowledge,
His Presence
Even Fewer,
In accordance with the Status Quo,
Take Action

The Beast,
Given power by the not alert
Makes his Laws,
And sits like an Evil Buddha
Upon his manmade Throne

This Beast,
Out of control
An Aberation to its
Founders ideas
Be Alert to following blindly
Like sheep with too many shepherds



The Crimes of Future Past
Rolling Throught the skies
Come to strike you numb
According to the legend
Of long since dead Achilles
All shall be overcome
With vengeance and Justice
Riding together
It becomes obvious, they say
That Indeed, we shall benefit
from being true to knowlege
And keeping our self made laws
In doing this we shall see
Truth and sanity
Striding abreast you and me