Hillary Clinton: Nutcracker

hillary nutcrackerI’ll try not to take any political jabs at the lady, but I had to throw this up here as I find it extremely funny. Mrs. Clinton has a reputation of being a bit of a battleaxe so it’s no surprise that someone came up with the idea. It is a bit of a surprise that they followed through with it and created the actual item.

The Hillary Nutcracker can be yours for a small price of $19.95! It really might become something of a collectors item eventually. Worth more or less depending on whether she runs sucessfully or not. Anyone want to buy me one?

UPDATE: You can pick them up at Amazon for $39.95. Apparently, someone is trying to take a bit of a premium for the product…

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Creation vs. evolution

It seems that the debate continues. (will it ever end?) Gallup released some numbers on a poll of Americans on the topic of Creation vs. Evolution. Guess what. It’s not as lopsided as you might think.

Some highlights. 7 in 10 Republicans believe in Creation. (Not exactly a surprise.) Nearly 40% believe that man developed with God’s help. Another 45% believe that God created man in it’s current form. Taken together, that’s 85% that believe God has a hand in it.

So, the question I pose to you is “why aren’t we allowed to teach creationism in schools”? Especially when nearly 50% of the people surveyed believe that the Creation story is true? If 50% of scientists believed that Gold came from leprechauns, you can bet it would get a mention in a textbook.

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Cow Flatulence it’s not.

National Geographic is reporting that Global Warming may have a different cause than Cow Flatulence and all the hot air Al Gore is releasing. Appearantly, the polar ice caps on Mars (yes, that Mars) have been melting significantly over the last three summers.

NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey missions revealed that the carbon dioxide “ice caps” near Mars’s south pole had been diminishing for three summers in a row.

Wow. Scientists actually suggesting that it isn’t caused by what Al would like us to believe? Bet that doesn’t get embraced in the same way as they seem to have embraced Darwin. Of course, that would be because it doesn’t fit their political agenda. Sun Cycles don’t make very good social platforms.

Welcome to the lemming parade…

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How Republican are you?

I must say the results are somewhat accurate. Of course, it’s a rather short quiz, so there isn’t a lot of room for fine tuning. One misplaced vote could swing 10+ percentage points.

I am:

“I bet you’d like Democrats okay if they wouldn’t keep handing out your paycheck to urban welfare cheats, right? (And you probably don’t want me to be saying anything about ‘urban’ being some kind of code word, I bet.)”

Are You A Republican?

Take the test. It’s interesting. Some of the questions didn’t exactly have the answer that fit me best, but there was something near in most cases.

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