Gonna Give Away Some Stuff

I haven’t ironed out the details just yet, but I’m working on getting a contest (or maybe contests) running for next month.  Spring being around the corner and all, it only seems appropriate to celebrate.  I haven’t decided entirely what I’ll be giving away.  If you’ve got some ideas of what you’d like to get, let me know in the comments.  Also, maybe some good ideas for how you’d like to win them…

And if you feel really generous and want to donate a prize, let me know.  Any donations will receive at least two links (one in the original post and one in the give-away post).  I don’t plan on shipping anything, so if you want to donate a physical item, you’ll be responsible for the shipping.

Comments are open, so let’s hear your ideas!

Win Prizes at the ShoeMoney 13k RSS Contest

If you are a subscriber of Shoe’s, you probably already know about the contest.  If not, get yourself on over to the 13,000 RSS Contest post to learn all about it.  There are prizes being given away each day and there are several ways to get involved and get your name in the hat.

Plus, you help Shoe beat down John Chow in the RSS competition that they are having.  It’s neck and neck at this point, so go give Shoe a subscriber or two. 😉

Also, I’ve donated a few prizes to the contest, so you might just end up with those.  The prizes I donated are a Text Link here on Thatedeguy and a 1 year premium link at pfdirectory.com.  I also donated a 120×600 banner on the sidebar, but I don’t see it on the list.  It was on an earlier list, so I’m not sure if it’s still a prize or not.  In any case, there are plenty of prizes to go around and with 4 going a day, you need to get in early.

P.S. I’m waiting on this contest at ShoeMoney to finish up and get those prizes handed out, but then I might have something up my sleeve for a contest here.  Anyone want to donate to the prize and see how big we get? It’s probably not going to happen, but it would be fun to give away more than Shoe is.