The $54,000 Birthday Bash at ProBlogger

It’s’s birthday.  Three years under the belt and Darren is having one heck of a party.  All told, he’s giving away over $54,000 worth in prizes.  It started on Monday and is continuing through next Monday.

He’s already given away 12 copies of  The SEO Book and some premium links at a directory and the post today is a contest for a pair of really sweet LG widescreen lcd monitors.  To enter, you have to do a post (with a link) on the contest (yes, like this one) and then leave a comment for Darren back at Problogger.   That simple.  They’ll take that list (currently at 115) and randomly pick one of us to win the prize.

The first contest on Monday got over 750 entries, but even if this one gets twice that, I still like my odds.  1 in 1400 is better than most lotteries.  Not as valuable of a prize, but good nonetheless.  And how sweet would your desk look with 2 20″ widescreen monitors?  Pretty darn sweet I think.