Donate to the Katrina Victims

Several months ago many people from around the world united as one and donated to the tsunami victims fund. Today, I ask you to donate what you can to the American Red Cross to help their efforts to help those in need today in the Gulf Coast states of the U.S. Click here to donate. Every little bit helps…

My condolences and prayers…

to all those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Truly Devastating to see the destruction already caused and to hear that more is expected with flooding. Sometimes it rains and pours at the same time. I wish you all safety in the coming days and a quick recovery when the storms subside.

Introductions are in order I think.


And welcome to the Thatedeguy Blog. I have no grandious thoughts that all of a sudden there will be anyone viewing this blog. In fact, I think that this particular post will long since have been archived before anyone but myself views it. I’m still working on direction for the blog itself, but mostly think that I will try and rant a little about this or that and share my experiences with the new online startup that me and some friends are getting going as well as some generalities. I may also share some photo’s that I have/will take(n).

So, if you are reading this before it’s archived, I welcome you to return, and if you are reading this in the archives, well, welcome anyways.