Lisa Barone Rings Bell, Starts Robert Scoble Smackdown

I don’t think that I’ve ever hidden my feelings about Robert Scoble.  For years he’s been lauded by some as being one of the best tech bloggers.  Giving credit where it’s due, he’s been around for a while, so he does deserve a bit of it.  Unfortunately, most of it has gone straight to his head.  Luckily, we have Lisa Barone to give it a little deflation…

Robert Scoble must be bored because he’s back causing trouble heralding that 2010 may be the year that SEO isn’t important anymore for small business owners. Sigh. Really? We’re doing this?
Fine. Let’s go there.

The post itself is an excellent post that takes Robert’s post and tosses it where it belongs.  The trash.  You see, Scoble has been (knowingly or not) and continues to be the Perez Hilton (unseating Mike Arrington) of the tech blogging world.  He’s an attention monger.  If the spotlight isn’t on him, he isn’t happy.  Which is why he jumps on bandwagon after bandwagon.  He likes this service.  No, he likes that service.  No, he likes some other service and the others are on their deathbeds.  And that was just this week.

Even better than Lisa’s post, is the comment thread.  Wherein Robert Scoble manages to make himself look like a troll.  At one point, he calls Lisa an idiot.  At another, he claims that a commenter is just sore because Robert blocked him on twitter.  I can’t make this up folks.  And if you really want a laugh, check out Lisa’s business partner, Rae Hoffman’s comments along with Robert’s response where he tries to pretend that he knows what he’s talking about by throwing some facts at Rae.  Um, Robert?  Rae happens to be one of the premier SEO’s in the business, I think she knows about some silly tracking report.

I’m going to try and help Rae out a bit here.  Robert Scoble.

To quote the final comment, “This. Was. Epic.”

And you have to laugh at it.  Cause it’s funny.