SEO and Marketing are Like Dating: 5 Reasons Why

Everybody has ’em.  Little relationship nuggets that they swear by that lead to happiness and utopia. (Nevermind that they are invariably flawed.)  And just like dating, SEO and marketing have some rules that are better lived by. To learn more about good modern marketing, go here.

  • The Grass is Always Greener: Remember that hot twitter star (@lisabarone) that you had your eye on?  How your infatuation got in the way of your relationship?  Then, when the relationship was over, that star wasn’t so bright?  Sometimes it’s better to be focused on what you’ve got rather than the hot new thing.
  • It Still Pays to be Nice: Unless you really are the leather wearing, Harley riding, Marlboro Red smoking, bad boy of marketing, it still pays to be the nice guy on the block.  Nobody likes an a$$hat.  No doubt, there is money in blackhat, but white/gray hat is still the right thing and will get you further.  Besides, do you want to be looking over your shoulder all the time for the father with the shotgun?
  • Chocolate Helps: Just because you’re the nice guy doesn’t mean that a little bribery isn’t in order now and again.
  • Cut Your Losses: Sometimes the relationship is just doomed. Sometimes, no matter what you do, the two of you are just not meant to be together.  And, while it probably is a bit taboo in dating, selling your site is an option.
  • Pay Attention: Sitting at your PC and gaming all the time is a surefire way to get dumped.  It’s also a good way to not get anywhere, and not sell anything.

Treat your business like a good date and you’ll have success most of the time.  Remember though;  Sometimes it just isn’t a match.  Until you decide that, put your full effort into the relationship and make it bloom!