Aaron Wall Changing SEO Book Structure

I received an email from Aaron Wall of SEOBook.com fame today. It seems that the SEO Book industry is changing and there is an increased need for a more personal touch.

Over the course of the past couple years it became obvious to me that the perceived value of ebooks was dropping, the field of SEO was getting more complex, and many people who purchased my book wanted to be able to interact with me and ask me many questions. This caused me to need to change the SEO Book business model away from selling a downloadable ebook, and toward selling a web based information product backed by a community forum that helped turn it into a service more than a product.

I’m tempted to say that this is a play for more money, but knowing Aaron Wall (or at least his reputation) I think I can confidently say that isn’t the case. Even with the thouroughness of the SEOBook, I’m sure that Aaron gets a very large amount of emails every day asking for his help personally. This is just a very good response to that. Aaron wants to help those people, but the only way to really justify even trying it is to find a way to make it worth his time. And a SEOBook membership is that way. He doesn’t give any hints as to how much it will cost, but I’m sure it will be affordable in comparison to what you’ll get.

The new service seems to be slated to go live at Midnight on the 20th at which time the SEOBook will no longer be offered. I’m sure the data will still be there, but maybe you want it all in one place before hand. It’s your last chance, order between now and the 20th and you can still pay the one-time fee. Wait, and you’ll be signing up for the subscription. You’ll probably want both though…