Officially Using Google Reader Now

For quite some time, I’ve been a user of Bloglines. I’ve tried other readers (most notably FeedShow) but none have ever stuck. Not so with Google Reader. I got an email from a friend pushing his shared feed, so I signed up and went to look. I really think it’s heads and tails above Bloglines. And I really like the share option. All I have to do is click the share icon at the bottom of a feed item and it goes into a shared feed that all my friends can see!

You’re all my friends, so you can see it too! Well, ok, it’s publicly available. You’re still my friends though. If you want to check out the things that I decide to share, here’s the link to Thatedeguy’s Shared Items. There’s a Feed too.

Do you want to share your items with me? Add me to your Google Chat contacts (thatedeguy [a@t] and then I should be able to add you and viola! I’ll be reading your shared items.