Stop Smoking Update

I haven’t really updated my stop smoking epic lately so thought I would. Truthfully, I fell off the wagon. I’m usually a fairly willfull person, but with this particular thing, I cannot seem to control myself. I made it about 2 weeks and then broke completely. I’m right back to where I started and am hoping to try again soon.

I really do not want to be a smoker when the baby arrives. Not just for my health, but for the baby’s as well. And also because if your the only one home, leaving the baby inside while you go and have a smoke is not possible, so I’m trying to leave it using products like an electronic cigarette from heets dubai online.

My main excuse thus far is that there has been a lot of stress lately. Between my paying job, Distro of the Month and the other project that Jake and I are working on… Somedays are just too much.

Wish me luck.

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It’s a bouncy Wagon!

So I fell off of the proverbial smoking wagon this weekend. Smoked more this weekend that I think I did when I was still a smoker. Made it most of two weeks with only one cigarette, then back track to that. Kinda dissapointing.

It’s kinda strange the things you notice though. For instance, I noticed that while I was a temporary smoker this weekend, my throat got all phlemy and my sinuses got all plugged up. Now, just two days later? I’m fine.

I still haven’t noticed any changes in my lung capacity, but I’ve heard that that could take a while. Can’t wait.

Should be a struggle to make it throught this coming weekend without smoking, but gonna try and do as best as I possibly can.

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Non-smoking 1 week and change

Sunday was one week, so I’m up to one week and two days now. I did break down and have one cigarette on Monday evening. Frankly, I’m kinda glad that I did as it did not taste anything like I remember them tasting. I got no effects from it except for a sticky mouth and a nasty taste.

It still is tough to ignore my cravings, but it has gotten easier than it was and continues to do so.

Here’s to another week, and another, and another, then it’s on to counting months and eventually years.

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Few more Stop Smoking Links

Here are a few more links to some interesting info for quitters:

How to Quit: Center for Disease Control Web Site

Dr. Bob’s Quit Smoking Page: Plenty of info. (Caution: Horrible HTML/Frames design.) If you can handle the ugly design of the page, there is a lot of good information here. Like this

Craving may be more intense with nicotine tapering than with cold turkey quitting…

What happens when you stop smoking Fact sheet no 11: Quick and concise fact sheet with most of the most pertinent facts for smokers(wannabe quitters)

P.S. Four days and counting…

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