Tech Blogging is Dead

D. E. A. D.  Dead.

Why?  For one, I don’t think there’s much innovation going on.  And with nothing new and novel, there’s nothing to blog about except the same old services (twitter, facebook, etc…) and the same old people.

I try and catch up on my tech news at least once a day via sites like techmeme.  Lately, it’s the same old stuff.  “Steve Jobs is Dead.”  “Jobs lives.” “Twitter did this.”  “Twitter did that.”  “Microsoft is the devil.” “Apple is the devil.” “Linux is god.” Et-cetera.  You’ve all been reduced to a bunch of gossipy iPod whores!  Mike Arrington has been reduced to the Perez Hilton of tech.  And Scoble, the once tech blogging god?  When he isn’t touting on the latest fad service that he thinks will revolutionize the industry, he’s busy blathering about how the last one could have if it hadn’t done x that one time.  Oh, that and the coming singularity.

It isn’t necessarily Mike and Robert’s fault though.  It still goes back to the lack of any good news.  Maybe it’s the economy.  After all, the last time the economy tanked, it was Silicon Valley’s fault (sort of).  Or, maybe it’s just complacency?  Maybe the innovators of Silicon Valley are sitting on their ideas waiting for the venture folks to write them a check.  Or maybe (and I doubt this) there just isn’t any innovation left?

Whatever the cause, the result is that tech blogging is dead.  For now anyways.  Look for zombie tech blogging to start popping up whenever there’s some good news that’s not just more of the same old status quo.