Holiday Season Starts Online Monday

Many people look to the mass hysteria of yesterday (black Friday) as the official start of the holiday/Christmas season.  And if you’re a brick and mortar company, it really is.  I noticed that even a few of the online shops like Amazon are trying to horn in on it as well.  What really starts things off for the online sector is a day called Cyber Monday.  It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a day of mass shopping, just online instead of in stores.

I haven’t seen any deals like what you’ll see on Black Friday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if online vendors start doing some pretty decent deals.  For those of us that don’t have a store, we have to horn our way in some other way.  Of course, the most obvious way would be to use search advertising to pull in sales for your affiliate companies.  If there are more shoppers online than any other time of the year, you can bet that they will be searching for lots more items than normal, looking for a deal.

If you’re more of a affiliate site person, you’d have to had your work done a bit earlier in the year, but with any luck, it’ll be paying off over the next month or so.  All those links you’ve added will start paying dividends as people start showing up to your site in larger numbers and your conversion rates go up.

The truth of it is that you’d have to be trying to not make some amount of money in the next month.  If you don’t make anything normally, you’ll likely make a few sales soon.  And if you normally make a lot of sales?  It could be a good month.  But you knew that, didn’t you.