As many of you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been a bit absent lately, here.  It was not by design, but I think it was a necessary thing.  It was also extended by the birth of my second child, a wonderful little girl, Madeline Grace.  She spend an extra week in the hospital, so I’ve been slightly distracted over the last few weeks from that.

That, however, is not the reason that it’s gone quiet here.  In the last several years, this site has been searching for an identity.  It’s gone from my personal blog, to a blog on blogging and finally evolving to what it is now, a blog on making money online.  Nevermore.

This site has always been, whether obvious or not, my personal blog.  That is, the personal blog of Shane M. Ede.  It will soon be returning to that capacity.  You’ll be seeing a much higher percentage of personal posts and posts on things that I hold dear.  Reading and writing, but not arithmatic.  Some tech and science fiction.  Some dogs and kids.  And maybe, just maybe, a little making money online and blogging still.  But don’t stick around for that, because I don’t currently have plans for much of it, if any.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see (hopefully) this site make a transformation to more clearly reflect this new (old) purpose.  A redesign is highly likely, as is some new graphics, and possibly a bit less advertising.  With the purpose of the blog to be more personal, I don’t think that advertising will have as much of an impact, nor will it likely bring in much money.  So, less clutter perhaps.

And more me.

Do you Twitter?

I’ve put this off about as long as I could.  I joined twitter.  I’ve got to be honest and admit that the same reason that I put it off will probably be the reason that I don’t participate all that much.  But I figured that it was worth a go.

I anticipate having issues with keeping updated with it.  I don’t use SMS much, so updates via cell are pretty much out.  I may have it open in a tab from time to time, but my fault there would be that I have a horrible memory for things like opening that tab to begin with.

For those of you who do use Twitter: How do you access/update?  What are your poweruser tips?

So, for those of you who are interested, you can find me at

Also, if you are using twitter, drop your twitter profile address in the comments to share with everyone else!

Why Thatedeguy?

I received a comment on my domain name the other day and it dawned on me that in the nearly 3 years that I’ve been blogging away here I’ve never explained why I chose the domain that I did.

The story actually goes back to my Freshman year at college.  I was a football (american) player.  At the beginning of each season/year all the players would have their last name taped to the front of their helmet to facilitate the learning of each others names and also so the coaches would know what name to yell at when a player screwed up.

So, naturally, I became known as Ede.  Let me digress for a minute here.  The surname Ede has been traced to County Suffolk in England.  It’s an English name. ( I should note that wikipedia claims that it’s a hungarian given name, but all the examples they have are people from England…) Why do you all have such trouble prounouncing it?  Ok, back to the story.

Because I was then known as Ede, I was often introduced as Ede.  On several occasions, as a result, I overheard people asking who I was and the person who responded would simply reply “that ede guy”.  So, a nickname was born.  It’s more of my own creation that anything as most still simply call me Ede, but I embraced the indifference of “that ede guy” and ran with it.

So, now you know why I use instead of (which I also own).

What does the Future Hold for Thatedeguy?

Part of my purpose with all the fuss this month was to try and see what this site can really do. I don’t normally post more than once or twice a week, and yet, here I am posting every day so far. Will I be able to finish out the month? I’m gonna try.

This site started as a personal blog where I talked about personal things with a pretty heavy mix of tech related stuff on the side. It matured into a Tech blog with some personal stuff on the side. As I expanded into other sites and started making more money with them all, this site became more focused on making money online. And here I am in the make money online realm.

But I think that I’ve been taking things a little too seriously around here. I’ve been hesitating to write anything that isn’t directly related to the make money online niche and as a result, I think the site is worse off. So what now?

Well, I think it’s time to let my roots show a little. I’m still going to post about the efforts that I am making towards making the most money online, but I’m gonna mix some of the personal and tech stuff back in. That’s where I started, and that is really where my heart is with this site. I don’t forsee ever selling this domain/site, therefore it needs to be something that I want to keep regardless of whether I continue on as a publicly exposed make money online entrepreneur.

I don’t plan on making many big changes so I hope I haven’t scared you off. I truly hope that what changes I do make will be for the better. I also hope that you’ll continue to come around even if this site isn’t completely dedicated to making money online. I think it’ll be worth the read. But, then again, I’m biased. 😉