TLA Dropped, TNX too

With the rollout of the new design, I’ve dropped the use of Text-Link-Ads on this site.  I struggled to find a place for them in the new design and between the dropping income that they’ve been bringing in and a little pressure from the great oogelly moogelly I decided to just remove them altogether.

While I was at it, I removed links from the site as well.  Both services have a place and a use, but neither was fitting where I wanted this site to go and I really didn’t want to fill up the front page with more ad stuff.   I’m still considering whether I will put scratchback back in the design or not.  I’ve got room for it on the single pages, but it might stay off of the front page.  Again, the design is such that adding it would really mush stuff together and give more of an appearance of being over ad laden.

So, with that said, there are plenty of open ad spots at the moment.  I’ve changed the advertise page to reflect the new spots and the new prices.  If you are interested in advertising on Thatedeguy, please drop me an email.   I’m thinking of celebrating the new theme with a contest and possibly a discount on the ad spots.  What do you think?

New Theme Up

Well, I finally got it up and running.  Come take a look! It’s not perfect just yet as there are a few things that need to be fixed, but overall, I’m happy with it.  I wanted more of a magazine front page to display a little more info without having sidebars that are 20 miles long.  I also wanted to try and take advantage of the available space a little more.  I think I accomplished that.  Hopefully.  I also added Alex King’s Popularity Contest plugin.  Wow.  That’s a nice plugin.

I’m sure there are still a few bugs, so if you do happen to find one, let me know.  You can drop me a line through the contact form.

What do you think?  Hideous?  Great?  I like it.  And I think that after I work the bugs out of it, I’ll release it to the rest of the market.  There is a lot of documentation to input though before that happens.  Little tweaks here and there that are really only known to me.

Subscribers Wanted, Inquire Within

So, as you can probably guess, I’m in search of more subscribers. I’d really, really like to get over that 100 subscriber hump. I can’t seem to do it. Of course, once there, I’d like to stay there for a while as well.

Feedburner stats on 9/7/07

As you can see from my feedburner stats, I’ve been stuck between 40 and 60 (it hovers around 45-48 most days) since at least February. A few spikes here and there, but generally in the same region. My all time average is 30, so you can see why the 40-50 isn’t setting well with me.

So, it doesn’t pay much (or at all), but if you’d like to be my newest subscriber, you can find out how on my Subscribe to Thatedeguy page. It’s got all the neato info that you’ll need to subscribe for all that awesome content that I pump out of here. Quality over quantity as usual.

Also, if there is a particular reason that you don’t or won’t subscribe let me know. I’d also like to hear about it if you were a subscriber and are not any longer. Please drop me a line through my Contact page or in the comments on this post.

I appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

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I’d like to thank everyone for their well-wishes.  The surgery went off without any serious hitches.  It took a little longer than expected due to some technical difficulties with one of the sanitizer machines, but everything got sanitized.  I went in at about 7:30 am and was back home by 1 pm, so it is a very outpatient surgery.

I’ve got about 13 staples holding things together, but it’s all healing up nicely, and I can almost bear to sit up at the computer for longer than 10-15 minutes.  They gave me some rather nice pills for the pain which I almost don’t need anymore.

All went well and now it’s back to work…

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