Under the Blade

If my future posting setting works, this will get posted about the time I go under.  I’m having surgery today.  Something rather simple, just a gall bladder removal.  Laporascopic, so no big cuts or anything.  With any luck, I’ll be back at it by Tuesday.

In the mean time, I’ve got a great post ready for you on increasing your rankings on Alexa and Compete Monday morning and you can always check out the Popular posts on the right side or just take a look through the two years of archives over there as well.

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Wish me luck, and I’ll see you next week.

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Get my wife out of jail!

My wife has been nominated to be a participant in this years March of Dimes “Jail & Bail” fundraiser.  The premise is that she’s going to be put in “jail” unless she raises $1000 before September 12, 2007.  She’s had some luck with relatives and friends but is still well short of the $1000 that she needs to “post bail.”  Do you think you could help out?

If you can, please visit her March of Dimes donation page and make a donation.

I’m actually a little surprised by how “with it” the March of Dimes is.  They have online donation pages for their local fundraisers which is pretty abnormal.  At least up here in the northern plains.  They also accept not only credit cards and checks, but PayPal as well.  I wonder if they did any metrics on whether their donations increased when they started accepting PayPal?

You’ll have to check with your tax resource, but I believe that any donation is also tax deductable.

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Hall of Famer

If there is one phrase that I never, ever thought would ever be applied to me, it is “Hall of Famer.”  It’s not that I don’t have dillusions of grandiour, because I do.  I just realistically never imagined that I’d ever get to use that phrase for myself.

Well, in case you haven’t guessed by now, in a few short months, I will be able to say that I am a member of a Hall of Fame.  It’s not an individual induction so I guess it’s not “me” in particular that is a member of the Hall of Fame, but rather a team that I was a part of.  The football (American) team that I played on as a freshman at my alma mater is being inducted into the Hall of Fame at homecoming this year.  I got my official invite letter today.

We were the first team to win the division and a berth in the playoffs in something like 60 years.  Or maybe it was since the 60’s.  I can’t remember.  It was exciting though.

So, it’s not me in particular that is Hall of Fame worthy, but rather something that I was a part of.  And isn’t that just as good if not better?  I think so.

I’d like to congratulate my fellow teammates on the 1997 Jamestown College Jimmies Football roster.  We’re Hall of Famers!

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Bleeding Readers

So I go away for the weekend to come home and find that I’m bleeding readers.  At least according to Feedburner I am.  Is there something broken with Feedreader?  Google buys them and all of a sudden they don’t work well with reader anymore?  That would be ironic wouldn’t it.

Seriously.  If you are a reader that has stopped reading or is considering it, please let me know why.  I’d like to improve here and really can’t without some proper feedback.  By proper I mean constructive criticism.  Not “you suck.”

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