Green Money PSD Layout Released

GreenMoney screenshotI created a template for a contest on sitepoint (for and the template wasn’t chosen as the winner.  As a result, I have a .psd template that I most likely won’t use.  So, that means I have to find a way to use it.

I’ve decided to release it for your use.  Free.  Well, I’ll accept donations for the layout and I’d like to request that you donate what you think the value of the layout is.  It helps me make some money, and if it goes well, I might just release a few others that I’ve got brewing.

My only request (besides a suggested donation) is that you link the “design by thatedeguy” bit to the Green Money PSD layout page.  I’d also like to hear from anyone that uses the design so that I can start a list of the sites that are using it for publishing on the download page.

You can head on over to the Green Money PSD Layout page to download, donate, etc.

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