Top 5 Referrers for March 2008

The top 5 referrers for the month of March 2008:

  4. tie:
  5. tie:
  6. tie:

Still a lonely place at the top for 45n5 and osworld.  The rest aren’t really even all that close.  But did make quite the run for not being in the list at all previously.

Top 5 Referrers for October

I’m trying to continue the work I started last month by listing the top 5 referrers for the month of October.  I appreciate those that send a little traffic my way, and this is my way of saying thanks to those that do the most.

Again, in order from lowest to highest:

  5. (fellow North Dakota blogger!)

A couple of quick post scripts. was actually the highest referrer among blogs, but since I paid for that link, I didn’t feel that it should be included.  The same goes for, who would have made the list.  I donated a couple of ad spots to his rss contest last month.

Thanks to everyone that made the list!  There are also a couple of blogs that were very close to making the the list, but missed by a couple of visits.  Other interesting note, the traffic from was strictly from commenting on that blog.

Can you make the list next month?