Traffic Kahuna – Tidal Wave of Traffic

I’ve gotten a few emails about this now. 

The folks behind DealDotCom are releasing a new software on Wednesday, April 16th 2008.  It’s called Traffic Kahuna.  According to them, it consists of a network of hundreds of blogs and well over a thousands websites that will all publish your content to the site for free.  Of course, the astute person will notice that they do it for free.  It’s the software that you’ll pay for. 


One thing that I wonder about is what those websites really are worth.  Or rather what the software is worth.  Are they all on different subjects?  If so, then my article on SEO is unlikely to fit in with some of them and would be worthless (or worse, damaging) to my cause if I would add my content to their site.  And if the sites aren’t necessarily on any one subject, wouldn’t it become fairly obvious that those sites are kind of spammy?  Unless of course they are set up like article directories.  In which case, the software is just a glorified article submission software. 


In any case, it could potentially be very valuable.  I’ve made some use of another software that they put out called Comment Kahuna that is fairly useful when used properly and ethically.  At the moment, I don’t know what the price will be on Traffic Kahuna, but I imagine it will be at least three digits.  That and it goes live on Wednesday on DealDotCom.