Is Twitter Almost Done?

It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since I started using  In fact, it really hasn’t been that long.  But there is a whole lot of talk about the effect of a couple of big stories that have revolved around the web service.  Most notably, the smackdown that Ashton Kutcher gave CNN and the recent joining of the queen of daytime talk, Oprah.

The biggest bit of talk is whether those two stories mean that twitter has officially gone mainstream or not.  On top of that, if it has gone mainstream, will that be the beginning of its demise as the geek core that made it famous begin an exodus?  As to the mainstream question, I think it has, or nearly has gone mainstream.  Will that mean the end of it?  Not likely.

People said the same thing when Facebook opened up their doors to people without .edu email addresses.  The rabble was let in, they said.  The younger users will flock away to competitors like myspace.  In fact, Facebook has grown exponentially since then. 

Twitter will also grow exponentially.  Or should anyways.  It has to try and keep up with the growth.  Something that twitter hasn’t been doing so well with in recent months.  The fail whale has become a rather regular occurance.  Further, geeks aren’t going to exodus from twitter.  There will always be a bigger, fancier, better service to come along.  Some will bleed off the edge to those services, but a majority of the people who use twitter now, realize it’s usefullness and will continue to use it.

Feel free to explore those other services, you wouldn’t want to wait a few years to join the next twitter like I did. 😉

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