Conversion Vans Make Road Trips Possible

Road trips increased in popularity during the latter half of the 20th century. With all the new roads and interstates built, Americans were able to travel more places with ease. At the same time, the increased prevalence of multiple vehicles in the home made it possible to travel at a moment’s notice.

While the 20th century has come and gone, the popularity of road trips remains the same. The difference, however, is that you can now travel in much more comfort than you used to. Gone are the days where you were crammed into a large sedan or small mini-van, traveling for hours and days with little comfort. Conversion vans make road trips much more comfortable. Due to new technologies, you can even make your conversion van feel a bit more like home with a variety of different add-ons you can choose from.

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Features for Road Trips

Open Road TripNo matter what type of road trip you plan to embark on, nothing beats the comfort and style exuded by conversion vans. These might seem like ordinary vans at first glance, but these vehicles are actually transformed into luxury vans that comfortably support multiple travelers on the road. From extra cushioned seating to reclining chairs, you can ensure that everyone is comfortable while you travel across the country.

Some options include:

  • Extra-large seats
  • Reclining seats
  • Sliding sofas
  • Power lumbar seats in front
  • Sunroof

There is also a need for entertainment on road trips. This is especially the case if you have children or teenagers traveling with you. The great news is that you can add a variety of technological features into your conversion van. Some of the many options include:

  • HDTV
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Blu-ray player
  • Multiple speakers
  • IPod connections
  • Multiple USB ports

The exact options you choose are up to you, but the more features you have, the longer you and your family will likely be able to stay on the road. You want to make your road trips memorable as you travel across the country.

Purchasing a Conversion Van

Purchasing a conversion van has never been easier, thanks to the wide selection and quality service found at Dave Arbogast. Dave Arbogast vans are sold out of Ohio, and there are a variety of models to suit your specific road trip needs.

The best part is you don’t have to be a native Ohioan to partake in the selection process at Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans. The dealer helps customers across the nation select the perfect van, whether it is a new or used version. Before you go on your road trip, the van is delivered right to your driveway. All the conversion vans sold at the dealer meet quality safety standards, too. However, accidents can still happen. And when they do, you might be looking at car repairs and injuries. If you are ever involved in a car accident, you can contact these car injury attorneys for legal help.

Now that you know the ins and outs of conversion vans, it is time to plan your road trip. The good news is that a conversion vans also allows you to roam freely without having each day mapped out. For longer distances, you may want to consider flying private with Jettly.

Happy Veterans Day and Vacation

I want to wish a happy Veteran’s Day to all the Vets out there.  I truly appreciate all that you’ve done for our country and you have my sincerest thanks.

Also, I’ll be headed south to California at the end of the week for a wedding.  Things’ll be a bit quieter than normal around here.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Miller’s Ale House of Orlando

While we are in places we normally don’t go, we try and find some local eateries rather than hitting up the local Burger King.  Sometimes it works out for us, sometimes it doesn’t.  There’s always a winner in one place or another.  When we were in San Antonio, it was the County Line BBQ.  New Orleans had a little joint down on Decateur whose name escapes me.

In Orlando, or more specifically Lake Buena Vista, it was Miller’s Ale House.  It’s a borderline call as they are a chain restaurant, but it’s very regional (all but four of the locations are in Florida).  We went there the first time because they were within a very short walk of our hotel and after a day at Epcot, we didn’t feel like walking too much more.  The special of the night?  A 1.5 pound Maine Lobster and any steak off of the menu for $26.95.  I don’t know where you live or how much you go out to eat, but even for North Dakota, that’s a very good price for that meal.

And it was spectacular.  I had the lobster with a NY Strip steak.  The steak was blackened ( It’s a type/method of seasoning) to perfection and very tender.  The lobster was a good size and was by far one of the best lobsters I’ve had in recent memory.  On the side, I upgraded my fries to what Miller’s calls “Loaded Fries”.  Basically, they’re fries that have had cheese and bacon dumped on top of them.  Not exactly healthy, but darn are they good.  Especially with a little Ranch dressing on the side.  Add to that a very refreshing Pomegranate Mojito and you’ve got a recipe for a wonderful meal.  And when you’re all done, you’ve got to try the Captain Jack’s Buried Treasure desert.  Wow.

Miller’s Ale House impressed the first time around so we made sure to visit one more time before we left.  The food the second time around wasn’t quite as good, but was still well above average.  If you ever get down into the Florida area, check them out.  It’s good quality food at a good price.

Orlando in the Rearview

I’ve managed to successfully make it back from Orlando.  It was pleasantly warm (88ish all week) and it was in the 80s here today, so I must have brought some of it back with me.  You may send your donations for that to my PayPal account.

It was a splendid trip.  I got just enough sun and plenty of education.  Learned several new things about the software that we work with.  Oh, and I managed to successfully negotiate a pay raise too!  I had interviewed for a slightly different job with another company.  They offered it to me, but not at a price that I thought was all that great.  I went to my employer and asked them to match, and they did.  It’s good to think that they actually do care whether I’m here or not.

On the flight from Minneapolis to Fargo, I sat across the aisle from a newly minted stewardess flight attendant.  As I listened to her talk about all the stress and such in the few short months of training and about all the fun traveling that she’ll get to do, I was forced to reflect on what it would be like.  I left for Orlando on last Friday afternoon.  I returned on the following Thursday afternoon.  Not quite 7 days, but pretty darn close.  And it was too long.  How anyone can stand being away from home for that long is really beyond me.

Maybe it’s just me, but I like to be home.  I’ve spent a great amount of time and effort in making home… well, home.  And I’m sure that part of it is the fact that it’s all familiar and I’m a person who likes familiarity.  Can you blame me?  I don’t think so.

I’m not cut from the same cloth as the traveling salesman or the stewardesses of the world.   It’s good to be home.  Now, with spring going full steam, it might stay a little slower around here as I get things planted and fences built and who knows what else.  Besides, May is already turning out to be the slowest month of the year for stats and earnings, so I’m going to take advantage of it and slow down for a couple of weeks.