Top 5 Referrers for January 2008

I very nearly forgot to do this again this month. I need to set up some sort of reminder for it. In any case, here’s the top 5 referrers for the month of January 2008.

There’s a few newcomers in there this month. I hope that means that I’m gaining readers, but it could be just a fluke as well. We’ll have to see what February brings. Still half a month to go to get a link for your site as a top referrer for February.

Top 5 Referrers for December 2007 (and November)

Ok, so I managed to do this list for September and October and then missed on November.  Not sure how that worked, but it did.  So.  Here’s the list of the top 5 referrers for December of 2007.

A big thank you to all of my referrers.  Without you, it would just be a nice big search engine orgy around here!

Ok, so to make up for the missing November list, here’s the list of the top 5 referrers for November of 2007

A big thank you to those folks (mostly the same folks) as well.

Top 5 Referrers for September

I thought I would share the love a little and give you guys a list of the top five sites (that aren’t search engines or social bookmark sites) that send traffic here. I can’t say for sure if I’ll do this every month, but I’ll try and make the effort.

These are in order from highest to lowest


Even now, four days into October it looks like that list is going to change. Wanna be on the list next month? You’ve got to give me a link. 😉 It is a nofollow link btw.

Free stuff from DealDotCom

DealDotCom125×125First, if you haven’t heard of DealDotCom, it’s a nifty little website for the internet marketing set that sells (at a huge discount) a different internet marketing product each day.  Usually, it’s something along the lines of an eBook, or some really sweet little tools.  This weekend, it was a $37 pack of over 2000 web graphics for the low,low price of $10!  Anywho…  If you’re curious what the deal of the day is, you can take a look at the little widget that I added to the right hand sidebar.

Now, to the free stuff.  I got an email from the folks at DealDotCom and starting today, they are going to be giving away one of the days items.  They’ll be randomly drawing the winner from the pool of members that are signed up at DealDotCom.  Which means you need to sign up if you want to have a chance to win.  Just visit the site, click on the big FREE ACCOUNT in the upper right hand corner.  Fill out a little info, click a link in a verification email and you’re off.  And automatically entered into the drawing for the free product.