Vacation Recap

Well, we’re back.

Some highlights from the trip.

The Wedding: This was really the purpose of the whole vacation.  And it went off without a hitch.  *snicker*  Ok, not really.  There were a couple of hitches.  Perhaps you heard of them…  The Yorba Linda Fire being the main culprit.  It got a little too close for comfort and the wedding had to be moved from the church it was scheduled at to the reception hall several miles away.  There was plenty of smoke and ash coming down at the church and it just wasn’t healthy to be in that.

Once moved, the wedding did indeed go off without a hitch.  My brother and his wife are off in the wine country having a honeymoon and everyone got back to where they belong safe and sound.

The Rest: Despite the fire and it’s smoke, we did manage to get ourselves over to DisneyLand.  And who doesn’t enjoy DisneyLand?  Nobody, that’s who!

And best of all, DisneyLand is very accomodating to those who have Celiac disease like my wife.  What a pleasure it was to have the Chef of the restaurant come out and make sure that everything was alright as well as know what the heck she was talking about.  We were really quite disappointed with the rest of the places that we went for their lack of knowledge and preparation for a disease that affects 1 in 133 people.  With 10 million or so people in the greater Los Angeles area, you would think they’d heard of it once or twice.

Overall, we all had a pretty good time.  It was a pretty quick trip without a whole lot of time to really relax and enjoy the trip with some CBD Capsules UK, but with family events like that, that is usually the way it goes.  Wouldn’t want to drive in that traffic again though.

If you want more pictures, you can check out my flickr stream.