Adsense is on Fire!

I expected December to be better than last month for adsense, but I never expected this.  Due to a couple of really hot posts that Google seems to really like and some changes to my Adsense positioning, I’m on track to exceed my Adsense earnings from November within the first week of December.  In fact, if it keeps up like this, it’s possible that my Adsense earnings from December could exceed my total earnings for November.

How’s that for an increase in earnings? Heck Yeah!

So, I mentioned that I have a couple of hot, hot posts, but what did I change that makes my earnings so much better?  Well, as most frequent visitors are likely aware, my adsense runs as a skyscraper on the left side of the blog.  That’s great and it performs reasonably well.  However, I thought I’d do a little experimenting to see if I couldn’t add a little extra oomph to my earnings on the hotter posts.  And boy howdy did it work.  All I did was add a block of adsense directly into the post.  Nothing fancy and not in any particular size (although I favor the 250X250 block).  That’s it.  One little addition/change.  And my earnings skyrocketed.

If you run Adsense on your blog, I strongly suggest that you try adding a block of adsense into your most popular search engine posts.  I don’t like adding it to my most popular reader posts because I think it gets in the way of the post, but the posts that the search engines love are fair game. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how it works for you.  I might even try throwing in some affiliate links in those boxes to see what happens.

I’m using the WPAds plugin to do my adserving.